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Remembrance Day

Today I am thinking about all of the men and women who gave their lives in all the wars so that we could have such great freedom in our lives. Thank you

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Rebuilding The Bradford to Barrie Go Line

Early in the summer we criss-crossed the Newmarket Sub north of Bradford many times to watch the refurbishing of the tracks and rail bed between Bradford and Barrie for the Go Train expansion to Barrie. We had a chance to … Continue reading

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Pine Orchard Crossing and ATCS

Timing is everything. Seems that sometimes we get to the crossing and nothing happens for a while and other times we get there and things happen right away. This past weekend (July15) we decided to go earlier in the morning … Continue reading

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Fish Finder For Train Schedules

The problem with watching and video taping trains is that you can’t always predict when they are going to be there. Since the Bala Sub is a pretty busy line we can pretty much go there any time and not … Continue reading

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Long Weekend

The weather is supposed to be nice. Cool at night and just warm during the day. I hope I get to see what’s going on the Bradford Barrie Go line. My dad and I checked out a few things just … Continue reading

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Family History and CN

I have a story to tell here about my Great Grandfather, Arthur Cunningham Plant (born March 22, 1891). He was was The Depot Master for CN in Brantford Ontario after the first world war until his death in 1948. To … Continue reading

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Talking to a loco engineer on a Saturday Night!!!

Since my dad was taking us up to Kahshe Lake on Sunday afternoon (June 24), we decided to to hit the Vivian Crossing on Saturday night. There were two things of interest. First we wanted to hike along the tracks … Continue reading

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CN Freight going north on the Bala Sub

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Vivian Crossing Newmarket

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Looking for loose change at The Bradford Go Station

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