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The TrenchesI have a story to tell here about my Great Grandfather, Arthur Cunningham Plant (born March 22, 1891). He was was The Depot Master for CN in Brantford Ontario after the first world war until his death in 1948. To go further back, he fought in the first world war at Vimy Ridge in the 40th Field Battery also know as the “Sportsmen’s Battery” with his good friend Conn Smythe of Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey fame. They were all great althletes. This where fate has affected my life I think.

The Toronto Maple Leafs won The Stanley Cup on April 14 1948 in Detroit (in 4 straight). The team, owned by Conn Smythe, returned to Toronto by train on April 15. That train had to pass through Brantford enroute to Toronto as goes that part of the Burford, Dundas, Dunnville subdivision. Mr. Smythe decided that he wanted to stop in Brantford to say hello to his old buddy Art Plant thinking to share the glory of The Stanley Cup with him. As the story goes from my Aunt Isobel, the train did in fact stop in Brantford, Mr. Smythe did say hello to his old friend and war buddy Art Plant and then departed again for Toronto. Just after the train departed for Toronto, my Great Grandfather suffered a hear attack and died right there on the platform at the age of 57. The Brantford CN Station Depot Master was gone.

He died on April 15 1948. My birthday is April 24 1992. I think this a strange twist of fate. There are obviously a few years between us but I think it’s kind of cool. Something about one door closing and another one opening? The picture you see here is of me here is from a school project I did at my mom’s work but maybe it’s of my Great Grandfather too. Maybe that is where I get desire to ride the rails and like him I love to play hockey too.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Seems strange I found your website today (great site). As I am researching your Great Grandfather Arthur Cunningham Plant son of James Plant & Hannah Louise Beatty. James Plant was a son by a first marriage to a widow by the name of Sarah Plant. Sarah Plant married Edward Marshall in 1870 she died in 1877. Having given birth to three sons as well as your Great Grandfather.

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