Long Weekend

Benny At WorkThe weather is supposed to be nice. Cool at night and just warm during the day. I hope I get to see what’s going on the Bradford Barrie Go line. My dad and I checked out a few things just north of Bradford last night. You could see where they had done some track work and crossing upgrades.

We will probably hit the Vivian crossing Saturday night and maybe even Sunday. It’s a great siding to watch at. There is plenty of room to park and setup the camera. Lots of room for safety even when it’s dark. With any luck I will get to upload a few videos to Youtube with my dad’s help.

Still hearing lots of horns in the early morning hours on the Newmarket sub/Go Line. One of these nights I’m going to camp out near the tracks somewhere and just wait. I’m very curious about what kind of trains are going up there.

Happy Canada Day!

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  1. wendy mason says:

    Ben: Great site. It’s interesting for me to follow your adventures. I’ve always loved train travel & wish I could do more. F.Y.I…In the 50’s I used to board a train at Union that took me to the interior of Algonquin Park. I’ll never forget the experience of being on the train as it crossed over a high bridge…would you know what that bridge was called & where it was located in the Park? Thanks for your site.

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