Fish Finder For Train Schedules

imgp1335.JPGThe problem with watching and video taping trains is that you can’t always predict when they are going to be there. Since the Bala Sub is a pretty busy line we can pretty much go there any time and not have to wait too long to see something. The Vivian Crossing is great because there is a 6,000 foot siding there and many times there will be a “meet” and that’s so cool because somebody has to wait while the other guy goes through. That’s how we got to speak to the one engineer that night. I hope that happens again. Plus there is lots of room to safely park there andd set up the camera.

Fishing for bass is made easier by using a fish finder and if only there was something like that for finding trains! Well, guess what? There is a “fish finder” for trains called “ATCS Monitor”. It’s kind of complicated and we really don’t quite understand how it works but we are in the process of learning. It’s a windows based program and also requires a radio scanner which my dad has an old one. The scanner needs some work and learning the rest will take some time but we should be able to make it work so we can see what’s happening real time. Many times we just drive out to the Vivian Crossing and wait. It’s the waiting some times that’s no fun (my dad sleeps while we wait). If we get this program to work we can use it for other lines as well. My dad is now a Mac guy and isn’t so thrilled with PC’s any more. Should be interesting.

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