Pine Orchard Crossing and ATCS

ATCSTiming is everything. Seems that sometimes we get to the crossing and nothing happens for a while and other times we get there and things happen right away. This past weekend (July15) we decided to go earlier in the morning on Sunday since we didn’t go up north for the day. We got there minutes before a big freighter came through and then about half an hour later another one came through. This all happened between 11:00 and 12:00. After that there was nothing in either direction.

We waited until 1:00 and decided to call it a day. Would have been nice to come back later but my dad wanted to do a chicken on the bbq.

One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing “The Canadian” come ripping through on Saturday at a very fast speed. It was very intimidating and hardly slowed down at all. Was about 20 cars long and was totally awesome!

My dad was happy because we found the piece of trim that came off his car when we hit a raccoon last weekend at night after being at the Vivian crossing. The car is fine but the raccoon wasn’t so lucky.

We are slowly working at getting our ATCS program working. My dad is getting his scanner fixed up and from there we will get the program working.

Stay tuned.

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  1. John P. Mackay says:

    Any latest information with the ATCSMonitor program that monitor Pine Orchard on CN Bala Sub.?? I see that your last posted was marked on July 17, 2007. Just curious to see if yours are up running now or decided not to.



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