Just Before Holidays

Just waitingIt’s Sunday July 22 and we go to the cottage in one week’s time. I can’t wait to go! I am hoping that since our cottage is so close to Washago that my dad will take me there to watch and video a few trains. The yard there is a decent size with lots of action on the Bala Sub. At Washago is also the junction with the Newmarket Sub which has been abandoned in 1995 north of Bradford to Barrie where the Allandale yard used to be and the tracks that used to go to Washago are gone which sucks. The Canadian used to use the Newmarket Sub untill 1996 then stopped and tracks were taken out. Its shame they are gone because they could’ve been used for future GO service. Then there is Gravenhurst and hopefully a few sightings of The Northlander or Canadian. We can hear train horns from the cottage at all hours of the day or night. Kahshe Lake is right between Washago and Gravenhurst so there should be plenty of opportunity to see something.

Lots to read in the papers these days about CP Rail and Via with potential buyouts and avoiding strikes. Seems there is always news about the rail buisness.

The ATCS Monitor project continues. My dad has replaced the rechargeable batteries in the scanner and bought a charger from eBay. Still need an antennae and to make some modifications to the scanner so we can plug it into the computer but we are getting there. I am hoping we will have it all working by late August or early September. Another good thing I found out is that CN runs a switcher train on the Newmarket Sub quite often switching cars at various industries I think. My friend and I went down and saw it about 2 weeks ago on a Friday morning at about 3am, it was awesome! We missed it going up though but at least we go to see it come back down. It was 2 engines and about 10-12 cars long.

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  1. cuz' kyle says:

    hey benny, blog looks great man, ill be sure to keep checking it out. careful around those tracks!

  2. Jordan says:

    Hey, I read that ur cottage is near Washago, im just curious to know wat lake its on because my cottage is on Kahshe lake about 20 minut from washago, i also love trains, have since i was 3, and i sometimes go to washago to check out the trains that go through there. I also think ur site is awsome!
    see ya!

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