Rebuilding The Bradford to Barrie Go Line

Rail carsOffloading the rails

Early in the summer we criss-crossed the Newmarket Sub north of Bradford many times to watch the refurbishing of the tracks and rail bed between Bradford and Barrie for the Go Train expansion to Barrie. We had a chance to speak with Dave Wilfong of PNR a few times who is the supervisor of contruction about the whole process. 1,600 foot sections of rail were brought up from Pittsburg Pennsylvania on big fat cars with special machinery which would feed the rails onto the ground.

Each load brought up from the US had 40 pieces of rail 1,600 feet in length. There were two loads brought up over the summer so if I do the math correctly it’s about 12 miles of brand new track. The pictures above show how the track is carried and pulled off the racks. It was really something to see.

Test trains have recently been put through their paces in preparation for the line opening this winter!

Stay tuned!

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