CN 302 and “Take my picture!”

take my pictureSince there wasn’t any hockey for me this weekend we decided to head down to the Doncaster diamond in Thornhill. There is usually lots of action there as there are trains coming and going in all directions so we are never shut out when we go there. One of the benefits of going there is the great reception we get on the scanner since we are that much closer to the MacMillan yard. We weren’t disappointed, although we had to wait a little while for things to get rolling. 302 came thundering down the Bala Sub heading toward the Mac yard and I got the whole thing on tape.The funniest thing that happened was CN 368 heading east to the Kingston Sub from the Mac yard and was yapping away to the dispatcher at which time he saw us there with scanner and camera in hand. All of a sudden on the scanner we heard “Take my picture!” My dad and I looked at each other in amazement and started laughing. I think my dad got his pic but it’s on a film camera. The film is in for developing so stay tuned to see those pics!! The loco engineer was waving crazy at us out of his cab window laughing all over the place. It was so much fun!

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