The Cops showed up at Pine Orchard

We have been to Pine Orchard many, many times since we first started going there in the spring and only one time was anyone else ever there. We decided to go there Sunday around noon and set up camp in our usual spot. We had been sitting for about 45 minutes when a York region cop car pulled in and very slowly came towards us. I was very nervous and thought we were going to be in big trouble. He pulled up right beside us on my dad’s side of the car.

It was all good and he was great. He was an Englishman and thought what we were doing was a lot like fishing…sit and wait for things to happen. He talked about trains in London and how there are so many more trains in all directions there all the time every day. He was just making sure that we were “good guys” and weren’t doing anything we shouldn’t or taking something that didn’t belong to us. Other than that, he was nice to us, wished us a fun time and off he went.

We thanked him for checking up on things.

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