Go Train Troubles

New Go LocosThe people who follow our web site may or may not know that I (Benny’s dad) do some of the writing and editing of what goes into this site. Although Benny and I have been somewhat lax in putting content here on a regular basis, we do enjoy your comments. It would make sense then that the more we post here, the greater the number of comments we will receive. I however, would like to comment about the people complaining about Go Transit.

In my humble opinion (being a dedicated rail fan along with Benny), the people complaining about poor Go Transit service are greatly misinformed about what they perceive to be poor service. If they were to take the time to educate themselves about the rail industry as a whole, they might better understand the nature of moving passenger trains along freight based rail lines.

The rail industry is a huge part of Canada’s (and the States) economic infrastructure. Without the support of this vital industry, the overall economy would grind to a halt. Just think about the divesity of product that moves across North America. From toy soldiers and iPods to compact cars and suv’s. From wheat and lumber to sugar, coffee & tea. It all moves by rail. Even the trucking industry is dependant on the rail system.

Go Transit has to compete for track time with the scheduling of freight traffic. CN and CP own the tracks (more or less). If something goes wrong with a freighter, you can be sure that Go Transit will be affected (and or Via for that matter), especially on the main east/west routes. The Newmarket Subdivision from Vaughan to Barrie is 99% Go traffic and subsequently is always on time. (Consider moving to Newmarket).

The point to be made here is that Go Tranist is a great deal. No wear and tear on your now more-expensive-than-ever car. The oil companies will suck your wallet dry while you sit in slow traffic with your blood pressure rising. Want to get to work on time or earler even? Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier. Take an earlier train. Even if your early train is late, you’ll still be at work early! Have that second cup of coffee while you read the Globe or Star at your desk before the boss gets there. Maybe even take an earlier train home!

Commuter Rail Service continues to expand around the GTA. We need it more than ever. (Be nice to have a rail link to Pearson Airport). Go Transit is getting it’s fair share of track time while competing for it at the same time. The new locos are now more fuel efficient providing greater capacity to haul more people on each trip. New trains are being added all the time. Barrie just opened up after being shut down for 16 years! It’s a sign of the times people.

Benny & I live in Newmarket, Ontario. We watched with great interest as Go Transit rebuilt the Barrie line from Bradford to Barrie. For railfans like us, it was fascinating to watch and listen to the whole process. We enjoyed the inaugural run one horribly snowy day in December. The train was packed with people. Everything was on time even in a blinding snow storm. Go Transit plain and simply….works.

You can always take the car to work and then nine times out of ten watch your Go Train go by while you sit in your thirsty car! Stop complaining. Enjoy the savings and don’t worry. It will improve.


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5 Responses to Go Train Troubles

  1. Don says:

    I hear the line to Newmarket is going to have a second track added all the way from Toronto so it can handle 2 way heavier traffic.Maybe this will make those complainers a little happier.Ah but then again someone else will complain about having to wait in traffic at crossings while all those trains go by.You can never keep everyone happy no matter what you do.I agree with you.if you have an asset like the railways you should make the most of it.Happy Railfanning.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi Don:

    Yes, Benny tells me that there will be some double track. He is more up to date about this stuff than I am. I am just the chauffeur and journalist side of the partnership. From what Benny tells me, you are right. I will talk to him more about that.

    The rail business is vital for both passenger and freight. Perhaps the passengers are just too impatient (as we all are these days). I think most people don’t realize “just how good we got it” so-to-speak

    Thanks for the comment(s)



  3. Paul says:

    I see you’re both in Newmarket, like myself.
    Any idea why Go has been running through here all weekend?
    I live on Simcoe, 2 blocks west of the Go rail station and have seen them going through here with regularity all weekend.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hi Paul:

    From everything we heard there is one or perhaps a couple of drivers in training. At least one of the loco engineers is about to retire.

    We heard/saw at least three trains on Saturday and six we think on Sunday stopping only at the East Gwillemberry station but not the Newmarket station

    Thanks for the comment


  5. Benny says:

    It was quite strange hearing them on the weekend but I think that it’s crew training because CN crews are going to stop running the trains in June.

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