Will it ever be spring?

imgp1658.JPGLast year at this time things were much drier and a little warmer. This year it’s a different story. Pine Orchard for example is as mentioned …… “a mudbowl” and the north wind howls through there too. Even though it’s cold, the sun heats up the mud but the wind makes for cold spectating. I guess this is the in between season. Trying to see something without getting muddy while having good sight lines is a challenge. This season we look forward to finding new places to watch and video. We tried a few CP crossings in the fall last year but not much success. Sparrow Lake was great. Easy access and a safe place to park the car. Hopefully we can go there again next year. CN and CP cross somewhere near Mactier so with any luck we can get up there too. This between season stuff makes it seem like a long time before we can sit somewhere and enjoy the whole experience. On top of that our main computer is in the shop for repairs. That means no Microsoft Train Simulator for a while. Bummer.

See ya

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  1. Don says:

    The CP mainline interchange with the Barrie Collingwood Railway isn’t a bad spot aswell as the spot where the line goes into the Honda plant in Aliston.My sister use to live in Tottenham near the tracks and that line is pretty busy at times.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi Don:

    Benny & I were up that way once last year and sat outside the gate of the railcar loading site. Was pretty quiet that day but perhaps we were in the wrong spot.

    Thanks for the info. We’ll check it out

    Go Leafs go! (Still)

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