12,000 Tons!!

301 With three brand new locosPine Orchard was still a mudbowl this past weekend. My dad hasn’t even bothered to wash his prized Passat because he knows it’s just going to get all muddy again real soon. We need some warm dry weather to get rid of all that water. Pine Orchard is so easy to go to though. Never anyone there and lots of room to watch. We can see the signal(s) and the approach from either direction is great. What’s not to like? It’s also only about 15 minutes from our house and we don’t get shut out very often.

If you click on the picture here you will see 301 just coming up from the south across Vivian Side Road and if you look real close you can see three brand stinkin new locos (first was a SD70M-2,  second two were ES44DC’s) hauling 12,000 tons of freight. I know the weight because we heard the engineer talking with another train (450) as they met at Zepher. No wonder they needed three locos. It’s not every day you get to see three new locos on one train. It was quite a sight.

I just received my May edition of Trains Magazine and am looking forward to going through it. If my dad sees it I won’t get it for a while.

See ya!

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3 Responses to 12,000 Tons!!

  1. Don says:

    did you guys catch the train going through Bradford Saturday morning at about 9:30.I heard it, but didn’t get a chance to see it.Rare for a train to go through here on a Saturday.Maybe a work train or GO test train?Any ideas?

  2. Benny says:

    Yeah we heard them, at first I was confused, but I think its crew training since CN crews are leaving in June. On Sunday there was about 6-7 trains! which was awesome!

  3. Don says:

    Yeah,I heard one at 1:00 and another at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon but was out of town most of the day Sunday,but thought I heard one Sunday around dinner time.Hope they do more this weekend as they don’t park in Bradford anymore.

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